What is Afisha?

Afisha is a leisuretime magazine devoted to the most interesting things that happen in town.

It is a magazine about modern urban culture in all its aspects – from cinema and music to architecture and football.

We are not only an entertainment guide, we also provide reviews and editorials on hot topics. Issue's cover story provides a profound, deep-inside look on the topic in question.

Why do we do that?

To inform readers about the most important events in the city and to change it for the better.

Main principles of Afisha's editorial policy is honesty and openness.
Afisha never integrates product placement into editorials and is not engaged
in public relations and propaganda of any sort.

Who are we?

The magazine works with the best Russian journalists, designers and photographers. The authors of the journal are experts in their respective fields, expressing only their own point of view.

  • Vladimir Shreyderproduct director
  • Daniil Trabuneditor-in-chief
  • Roman Gornickiyart director
  • Filipp Bakhtincreative director

What do we write about?

  • 27 Russian gay stories
  • Emigration: where do people go missing?
  • Who makes fashion in Moscow
  • 100 best video games in the world according to chefs, musicians, politicians and writers
  • 50 key people in contemporary art
  • Smashing hits in Russian music (1991-2011)
  • Advice of elders
  • State of architecture: 30 best Russian projects of the past few years
  • State of the book industry
  • Russian TV from the inside
  • Manifests of musicians, writers, journalists, poets and other Russian citizens on how to live a life
  • Summer in the city
  • Let them talk: journalists argue about the profession
  • Mark Zuckerberg and 10 other key people and robots in the universe
  • History of the Russian Internet
  • Moscow gastronomic explosion


People we write stories about are the people who change the city and its life for the better along with us.

Navalniy politician
Craig actor
Akinshina Actress

Ernst producer
Ulitskaya writer
Coppola director
Akunin Writer

Noize MCmusician

Advertising opportunities

Standart package

Ad pages with flexible placement structure: Moscow, St. Petersburg, regions, all of Russia. Various types of insets with different printing options: stamping, selective coating, perforation, etc.

Special sections

Sponsorship of special section of several thematic pages

Addenda and attachments

Editorial or advertising addendum (booklet). Non-standard attachments of different types of paper and plastic of any complexity, CD / DVD, sampling.



Afisha's reader is an innovator and a good judge of quality things. The reader is following the development of new technologies, appreciates and loves his spare time and knows how to spend it well and is willing to spend money on leisure: restaurants, cinema and theaters. The reader follows fashion and frequently renews his/her wardrobe

  • Other regions of Russia 44%
  • Moscow 40%
  • St. Petersburg 16%
  • Employees 14%
  • Expert personnel 17%
  • Executives 12%
  • Students 13%

Other products

  • Website

    Our website is a great helper in finding a good way to spend your leisuretime: schedules for cinema, exhibitions, and theater, ability to buy movie tickets, and the most popular catalogues of restaurants and shops.

  • Mobile app

    The most convenient way to choose how to spend your free time in the major cities of Russia. Complete schedules, addresses, reviews by Afisha's authors and users, ability to buy movie tickets and dozens of convenient features. The application is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

  • Best in Moscow

    Afisha has studied all the places in the city, chose the best ones, and marked them with a red ribbon before adding them to our beauty of a mobile application. The application is updated 4 times a year, and the only way to get there is to create a place, that our reviewers will like and appreciate.

The Picnic

Afisha Picnic is not just about music and entertainment,
but also about the unique atmosphere of friendliness and
thousands of people having a time of their life.

Мумий тролль
Fuck Buttons
Аманда Палмер
Little Boots
Aloe Blacc
Noize MC
Pet Shop Boys
Lauryn Hill
Franz Ferdinand
Мос Деф
Теофилус Лондон
Кортни Лав
и т.д.

Why is it
a good idea to buy
advertising space
in Afisha magazine?

Vast coverage over Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities of Russia.

Young and wealthy audience of active consumers

Prolonged and repeated contact of advertising message with the audience

Projection of Afisha brand over the advertised goods and services

Contact information

  • Inna Ovcharova

    Deputy in chief of Commercial director
    tel.: +7 (495) 785 17 00 доб. 34 43
    e-mail: inna@afisha.ru

  • Davydova Varvara

    Advertising director
    tel.: +7 495 785 17 00 доб. 34 44
    cell.: +7 (916) 612 58 12
    e-mail: vdavydova@afisha.ru

  • Stulova Natalya

    Special projects director
    tel.: +7 (495) 785 17 00 доб. 22 14
    e-mail: nstulova@afisha.ru

  • Osyaeva Anna

    Advertising manager
    tel.: +7 (495) 785 17 00 доб. 34 32
    e-mail: a.osyaeva@afisha.ru

With all the questions concerning advertisment of restaurants,
nightclubs, bars, theaters, exhibitions, concerts etc.
please contact Advertising agency «Dobriy design»
tel. +7 (495) 641 64 76 or afisha@reklama-dd.ru

Exclusive sales representative of Afisha in St. Petersburg —
TANDEM Advertising Group
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